Courtyards is an audiovisual work and the product of sleepless sight. Pinned to a fixed point, it captures an unpredictable life and its inconsequential happenings.

From this position, we see what lies in waiting.

The project features allusions to film and music: from A. Hitchcock’s Rear Window, to compositions by Pierre Schaeffer, who introduced concrete, real world sounds into the vocabulary of music. The father of soundscapes, he experimented with natural processes and turned up the volume on landscapes. In “Courtyards” one can contemplate the passage of time from a symphony of lights turning on and off. Visual musicality transports the viewer to an entranced state of partial hypnosis. The installation gathers movements and states of being taking place in interior patios in an almost liturgical manner. Similar to unrelated, ambient sounds captured at random. Like “echoes” or “acoustic ruins” coming from a distant past.